Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer's Warmth

Summer's Warmth          6 x 6 inch oil on canvas panel

Long, hot summers....I soak them up knowing that winter comes quickly.  I like to think that I can store summer's warmth in my bones to summon up on cold winter days.

Sunflowers, and now Rudebekia, continue to entertain me and I'm having fun exploring different ways of painting them.  Now that the stores are no longer selling sunflowers,  I've purchased some gallon plants to model for me in the sun.  I have photos to continue working from, but have noticed that the subjects that I paint from life are so much more expressive.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Indian Summer"

Looking at this painting,  I feel the weight of late summer heat on a still day and hear lazy, buzzing bees and chirruping cicadas.   Ahhhhh....where's my iced tea?

While sunflowers are tall and narrow, I put this blossom in a short, wide format because it communicates the calm, drowsy mood and the weight of the flower's heavy head. The composition I chose is unusual, but I really like it.

"Indian Summer" is a 6" x 12" oil on canvas panel.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Glamour Girls

Glamour Girls, 6 x 8 inch oil on panel                   $95, unframed

I'm really enjoying painting sunflowers--each piece seems to unfold with an energy that's all its own.  I need to take a break from them temporarily to complete a couple of commissions and to prepare for a show that I have coming up in mid-September.  That show is at Retrospect, a store featuring nostalgic items from the 50's and 60's in Monument, CO.  I'll be creating works featuring some of the retro pieces in my still life collection and expect to have a lot of fun with it!

This painting is now being auctioned on Daily Paintworks with an opening bid of only $39.    I'm new to the auction game, and still building a following, so right now, the auctions are a great opportunity for you to own my work at very low prices.  Until there is a bid on "Glamour Girls," I offer a "Buy it now" option in case you'd like to insure that this painting will be hanging on your walls!

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