Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Kind of Man

My Kind of Man                                                         6x8 inch oil

I've had this Pillsbury Doughboy in my still life props collection for years now, but lost track of him for awhile.  When I stumbled upon him, I put him on a shelf and didn't even notice him for the longest time.  One day,  he winked and smiled at me, and I knew it was time for his portrait.

He's currently hanging in Abend Gallery's Holiday Miniature Show in Denver.  If you can't make it up there in person, call the gallery to purchase him.  Just mention my name, and the title of the painting.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hambone                                      6x6 inch oil          $150

Another painting of my pig friend, still splashing around in his puddle.  He is currently at Poor Richard's Restaurant in Downtown Colorado Springs.  Hanging along with him are many other small animal paintings, and my famous donuts.  You can purchase him through the Pay Pal link above, or by visiting the restaurant. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happier Than a Pig in Mud

Happier Than a Pig in Mud                    6x6 inch oil Sold

I'm in love with this guy. It was a hot day and he was luxuriating in his puddle. He actually had that smile on his face!

This painting is hanging in Costa Mesa, CA for the month of December, along with two other of my pieces.  Here's the physical address, date and time.  For prices and to purchase, contact Randy Higbee Gallery.  Mention my name, and the name of the painting that you are interested in.

Also in the show are:
Strawberries                   6x6 inch oil

Glory                        6x6 inch oil

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Painting Sunflowers

Since my sunflower paintings are very popular, I thought you might be interested in how many of them come about. 

I like to work from life, but every time that I've bought a bunch of sunflowers this summer, I've made sure to photograph them as well. Sunflowers seem to disappear from my local markets in late fall, and I want to be sure to have photos to work from through the winter if I want. Here's a photo of the setup I worked from for this particular piece. Actually, I've used this photo for several different paintings recently and each is very different, as you will soon see.

Reference Photo

Following the Sun, 4 x 6 inch oil  SOLD

Red Warms My Heart 5 x 5 inch oil

The Yellow Rose of Kansas   6x6 inch oil

Now you know!  Don't be surprised to see more versions from this same photo!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Particular Place to Go

No Particular Place to Go                 6x6in. Oil   $150

You can tell by looking at these two, that they are always together.  You also get the idea that the dog is often in charge....

This painting is hanging at Colorado Expressions in downtown Colorado Springs.  Stop by the gallery on Friday evening, Dec. 6th or on Saturday, Dec. 7th as part of the Downtown Holiday Stroll.  

Red Warms My Heart

Red Warms My Heart                         5x5"  $200

I must say, red paintings are tough to photograph, and my camera is malfunctioning, so this photo doesn't do the painting justice.  Good thing Santa is bringing me a new camera! (I've been very, very good this year).   You can see the original painting, along with two other sunflowers, at Abend Gallery in Denver as part of their Holidays Miniature Show.  I'll have 5 pieces for you to check out.  The reception is Sat. December 7th from 5 to 9pm and the show runs through Dec. 31.