Monday, January 14, 2013

2013: The Early Bird

                                     "The Early Bird," 6 x 6 in.   Oil on canvas panel    $85 
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For the first time in many years, I took a painting sabbatical to rest my "art muscles" and to enjoy the holidays with my family.  I've been working steadily and with intense focus for several years now, and after the Studio Tour last November, I realized that my brain and my body needed a break.  Last week, I returned to the studio rested and refreshed and have some fun paintings that I'll be sharing with you.  Here's "The Early Bird" that started me off bright and early!

I'd like to remind everyone that there are two ways to purchase my paintings online:  

Buy It Now   or    Click to Bid

1)  The "Buy It Now" price is posted beneath the painting's photo.  You can either contact me by email, or click on "Buy it Now"  to purchase with PayPal.  When you use "Buy It Now,"  you instantly guarantee that the painting is yours.

2)  The majority of my posted paintings are also available by online auction.  The "Click to Bid" link will take you to Daily Paintworks, an online auction site for artists.  The starting bid on my paintings is currently $35 (unless otherwise noted).  Bidding is in $2 increments.  I'm still building my online following, so these auctions are often a great way to obtain my work at below retail prices.  

Please note that once a bid has been placed on a painting, "Buy It Now" is no longer an option and bidding in the auction becomes the only avenue to purchase that painting.

If you'd like to take a look at my Daily Paintworks gallery and investigate my current auctions on the site, click here.  


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