Monday, April 8, 2013

Morning Bouquet

Morning Bouquet, 6x6" oil                                          $125 framed

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My upcoming posts, starting with this one, will all touch on the experimentation I did during my winter hibernation. 

 I greatly admire the small paintings of Lisa Daria Kennedy and so I spent some time exploring how she works.  She has very strong value patterns, highly simplified forms and mixes soft luminous grays.  I've successfully mixed a lot of her colors, but when I sit down to paint in her style, my own habits and inclinations become part of the mix as well (that's a good thing).  I set this little bouquet in my studio one morning and tried to keep her simplification and grays in mind as I painted it.  It definitely produced a much softer feeling.

Starting bid is $40 for the unframed painting.

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