Monday, October 28, 2013

A Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold         8x8inch oil on panel, framed      $310

I'm beginning to think that either my monitor is going kapoot, or that my camera is losing it (it has shown other signs), because for the last few months, I'm had trouble getting the color right in my painting photographs...the color tends to be too saturated and I haven't be able to correct in Photoshop.

  I'd love for you to visit me during Art Walk on November 1st to see this painting in person.  It was something new for me in that the majority of the subject was in shadow, so essentially, that was where the most interesting color was.  I struggled with it for awhile, not going dark enough in the shadow area, and although I started painting with a brush, I switched to the palette knife about 3/4ths through.  In the end, it's now one of my favorite paintings. 

Any thoughts on my photo problems?

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