Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Pikes Peak Studio Tour: Behind the Scene

I'm excited to once again participate in the Pikes Peak Studio Tour coming up on Set 20th and 21st.  Twenty artists have been juried into this year's tour and I think that you'll enjoy meeting each one of them. While many of you visit me frequently in Studio L in Old Colorado City, only a very few have seen my home studio.  The last two times that I hosted the tour in my home, I've set up a quasi-easel work station, but the door to the actual studio has been closed.  Maybe 7 people have even seen the room since we moved into this house.

I use the word "studio" loosely here, because, while I had a corner to work in, it was really an art supply storage room that I could barely walk into.....(many of my fellow artists are now nodding their heads in sympathy.). But, I spent the month of January excavating the room and creating a comfortable studio in which people can now walk without injury!

However, even the cleanest studio comes unglued when preparing for a big event, as this picture illustrates.  Creating lots of new work creates a lot of creative clutter.  Paint, canvases, paintings, creating, photographing paintings, matting, framing, eating, frame making, sleeping.....  But I promise that the floor will be clear again for the tour, so please stop in and see things like my frame storage and flying pig collection (my business name is The. Flying Pig Studio). Oh yes, I'll also have my artwork.

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