Monday, February 6, 2012


"Fluffy"                      12x12in.                oil on canvas panel

I've just finished a commissioned portrait of Fluffy, the beautiful pomeranian that you see above.  As usual, the eyes and the tongue were my favorite parts to paint.  I've painted mostly short haired animals and found Fluffy's fluff to be a challenge that turned into pure fun.   This week, I'm turning my attention to another commissioned portrait of a young African girl with lots of dreadlocks.  The overall shape of her hair is not unlike Fluffy's, but the texture is definitely different!

I'd like to point out a new feature on my blog, and that's the Daily Paintworks Widget that you see on the right.  The widget constantly rotates through my painting gallery on DPW, and gives you a link directly to the painting that you click on (and then into my entire gallery as well).

The piece that went up for auction today is "Satsuma Gold," a 6x6 inch oil.  As promised, I've continued to paint tangerines, and they continue to keep me interested.  In this particular painting, I focused on having softer, cooler edges and, just for fun, created that "hot" shadow.  Starting bid is only $25, and again, if you are local I'll refund the $10 shipping to you when you pick up the painting.  Check the rotating widget I mentioned and click on the painting image to go straight to the auction.

Satsuma Gold            6x6 inch           oil on panel

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