Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove, oil on solid oak panel                           $180

I tried two new things on this panel.  First, I hadn't yet attempted painting aspens in oil and second, I painted it on a solid oak panel.  The painting is in the center of the panel, and the carved wood around it creates a wide frame.  This required me to paint and finish the "frame," and so I've learned a whole new skill set.  Sanding, masking, painting,  bringing out the color with steel wool, burnishing with rottenstone, more burnishing, more masking, gessoing, waxing to bring out a warm glow...and then I paint the painting!  Below, you'll see the finished result.

I've been occupied with preparing for several shows lately, and will now have time to post the new pieces starting this week.  My biggest event of the year is fast approaching:  The 2012 Pikes Peak Studio Tour here in Colorado Springs.  I'll be opening my home studio November 10 and November 11 for people to visit and view all of my art, cards and prints in one place.  I'll have both framed and unframed originals and hopefully something for everyone's budget.  Put it on your calendar now if you're interested.

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